Now Is The Time To Sleep
Illustrations for publishing in China

Chinese title: 该睡觉了 ​​​​​​​
Published in July 2019
"Sleep is very important.
Lots of things happen in our bodies as we sleep."

This picture book tells stories about how us and other animals sleeps differently. Some animals sleep in the daylight while others prefer to sleep at night. Some even sleep with one eye open to prepare for any sudden attack. 

I often painted the illustrations when I had to stay awake at night, which was ironically funny because the book is completely opposed to that. I guess other night owlers will understand :D
A leopard camouflage in tree
The basilisk lizard's amazing way of escaping
A chimp making its bed
A pangolin sleeping like a pinecone
These monkeys sleep while hugging each other in winter
The final spread
Color draft
Thank you!

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