The tale of Kieu Illustrations 
Truyện Kiều • Picture book • Art book
Author: Nguyễn Du
PublisherKim Dong Publishing
Published in November 2020

Inking on paper | Photoshop | ​​​​​​​

The Tale of Kiều is an epic poem in Vietnamese written by Nguyễn Du (1765–1820), and is widely regarded as the most significant work of Vietnamese literature. The original title in Vietnamese is Đoạn Trường Tân Thanh (斷腸新聲, "A New Cry From a Broken Heart"), but it is better known as Truyện Kiều (傳翹, lit. "Tale of Kiều").

Kiều's family is framed by a silk dealer and has all their wealth taken away by the government, and her father and brother are facing imprisonment. Kiều decides to sell herself to Scholar Mã (馬監生) to free her family (...) Scholar Mã turns out to be a pimp who is in charge of finding girls for a brothel run by Madam Tú (秀婆). He rapes Kiều and takes her back to the brothel, but she refuses to serve any guest and attempts to commit suicide when she is forced to do so
Portrait of Scholar Mã - Mã Giám Sinh
Scholar Mã taking Kiều to the brothel, while disguising it as a wedding anniversary, a tragic wedding indeed.
Portrait of Scholar Mã as a squid
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