Vietnam Little Quarter is a collection of many and many interesting houses in Vietnam. 
A collaboration between Vuon Illustration and other artists, each artist is credited below each piece of artwork.
Beautiful things could just be houses where you live...
House of Leaf, Illustrated by Rong Pham
Old House, illustrated by BEZZY 
Bo-Ke House, Illustrated by Chic Chou
Canal Slums, Illustrated by Nành
... Or the store you buy food and stuff!
Plant Boutique, Illustrated by Pham Dy
Carol Plant House, Illustrated by Pham Dy
Grocery Store, Illustrated by Rong Pham
Broomstick Corner, Illustrated by Rong Pham
Pharmacy 11, illustrated by BEZZY 
Packaging Store, Illustrated by Min Non
Bomxe-valop House, Illustrated by Chilaxu
Electronics Repair Store, Illustrated by Rong Pham
... or Coffee Shop and Studio with creative decoration!
Cofffee No.1, Illustrated by Caoledieuphuc
A House Has No Name, Illustrated by Hanh Vo
Cúcuta Coffee Store, Illustrated by Dao Duy Tan
Remember Coffee Store, Illustrated by Min Non
... Or a compilation of house and store!
Ninety nine House, Illustrated by Chilaxu
Bun-cha House, Illustrated by Chilaxu
Hanoi Shoes House, Illustrated by Chilaxu
Vans House, Illustrated by Chilaxu
House of Red, Illustrated by Rong Pham
Me Vui Restaurant, Illustrated by Pham Dy
Ganh Restaurant, Illustrated by Pham Dy
A cafe in District 5, Illustrated by Caztalia
2 in 1 House, Illustrated by Min Non
Plastic Packaging Store, Illustrated by Min Non
Some collections :D
A collection of Min Non
A collection of Chilaxu
A collection of Rong Pham
A collection of Pham Dy

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